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"Download WeChat for PC free on your personal computer. WeChat for PC free on your PC in seconds. How to install WeChat for PC"

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WeChat for PC is the last App that comes from China. WeChat for PC is an instant messaging application that is revolutionizing the world of chat applications. This application is very similar to other instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp for pc, Line for pc, Viber or Tango. Now you can download this App on your PC and stay connected with your friends from anywhere. Now you can install this App in you PC without Smartphone.

Wechat for PC, the most downloaded application

WeChat for PC is a leading chat applications in Asia. WeChat wants to conquer the United States and South America. WeChat was developed in China by the company Tencent Holdings, one of the largest Internet service companies.

Wechat for PC and others instant messaging Apps

WeChat for PC is the best choice if you're looking for a different App like WhatsApp, Line, Tango or Viber, this application offers capabilities that today no other application offers. Download WeChat for PC is very simple, download and install the application WeChat on your PC .

WeChat for PC

Download WeChat for PC on your PC in a few seconds

Download WeChat for PC on your computer is easy. Now you can use this great app, and meet people around the world.


Download WeChat for PC is simple and very easy, you just have to install an Android emulator. There are many online Android emulators. Possibly the best emulator is BlueStacks. This emulator is easy to install and very easy to use. Download WeChat for PC FREE now.

If your computer has an operating system based on Windows or Mac, BlueStacks App Player is the emulator you need. This emulator is the favorite of millions of users to use Android applications on PC.

Install the application on your computer or laptop, go ahead and Download WeChat PC free.

WeChat for PC

Install WeChat for PC on personal computer

WeChat PC is a good choice for all users who want to use instant messaging applications in your computer and to send text messages. With WeChat you can send video messages and make FREE call to all your contacts .


First of all, you must download the emulator and install it on your PC. It is a very simple process, just follow the installer instructions and a few minutes you'll have installed on your computer.

Of course if you prefer to install any other app player, you can. Another good option is to install the Android SDK.

WeChat PC will be installed on your PC in minutes. Use the search application to search te app and WeChat automatically will be installed on your PC.

You can also search WeChat applying online looking Wechat.apk PC and install it on the emulated you have on your PC. In just a few minutes to easily WeChat is ready for useon your computer.

WeChat for PC features


WeChat for PC is the application of IM and live chat that offers more features than any other.
The main feature that incorporates the latest WeChat is the ability to chat live. You can invite your friends and chat together, for this application has an icon that indicates when you talk is a light that turns green when you can talk and red when we can not talk.

WeChat Live ChatWeChat QR code

Another feature of WeChat are QR codes, the latest version of WeChat will generate a QR code to create a chat room, the QR code you can send it by email to your friends so they can access the chat room.